Thank you for visiting.  ABUNDANT LIFE hopes that you will explore what is here and allow the Lord to touch your heart as we make this journey together.
Pastor D’Amico was elected Pastor of Abundant Life Christian Center in October of 2006, along with 1st Lady Patricia D’Amico. Pastor and Sister D’Amico have served in several capacities in the last 20 years for the Lord. Pastor D’Amico believes that all are called to be saints and that everyone has something to do in the Kingdom of God.
Pastor D’Amico served as outreach director, youth leader, Home Bible Study director, alcohol & drug prevention ministry, prison ministry and assistant pastor throughout his years serving the Lord. Pastor D’Amico has also served in Home Missions and began a church in Toms River NJ. Pastor D’Amico is a strong believer in developing leaders with in the body of Christ and has implemented leadership here in the local assembly along with Home Fellowships Groups, Abundant Life Membership Classes, and Purpose Institute certificate program which is a college level curriculum.
Pastor D’Amico’s vision is to implement a community center here at ABUNDANT LIFE CENTER where those who have struggled with alcohol or drugs can come and receive help in gaining the victory over the helplessness and despair that alcohol and drugs bring into homes and families of all walks of life; Parenting classes to those whom struggle with family struggles; financial planning and preparation to those who need guidance and many other classes through LIFE IN FOCUS education. Come see what the Lord has here for you!
Sis. Patricia D’Amico
Sunday School is the heartbeat of the future church. Stong Sunday schools build strong Churches.
Here at Abundant Life we care for the children and we have a lot of fun doing it, while also teaching sound doctrine.
The bible says “train up a child in the way it should go”
Feel free to explore with us God’s word as we share it with the children each Sunday at 10:00 am.
Outreach/ Evangelism Director
Alice Hawkins
Our Outreach and Evangelism is in fulfillment to the Great commission to GO. So here at Abundant Life we are committed to REACH Out into the world and Plant the seed of the Gospel into all who will listen. this involves a strategy of contacts, Invites, Home Bible Studies, Sunday School drives and much more. Jesus said to Go and preach the word, and compel the Lost.
Ladies Ministry
Directed by Kate Kilpatrick.
Ladies Ministry has always been a great part of the church. They organize Ladies prayer which is vital for our families. often they will have ladies outings which include dinners, visiting different locations of interest such as Long Wood Gardens, National parks and other places that can inspire. Monthly meetings with teaching and good wholesome gatherings, Come experience the power of Holy Ghost filled Women.  
Youth Ministry
Youth Pastor’s Sean & Rebecca Routzahn
Leading Youth is both challenging and exciting as our youth are exposed to many different experiences and emotions, but so rewarding. Watching our youth as they experience the love of Jesus is amazing. Come Join in and experience it for yourself.