Matters of the Heart …. Healing for the Whole Family
Many people suffer from deep hurts, things of our past and loses that have occurred within our lives. Often times these things effect our attitude and our performance in life. The way we act or react to situations, our ideals and beliefs that govern our behaviors.  Often times we don’t even realize the effects that these things have made on our Life.  Symptoms like Anger and Hate , Bitterness are caused by a wrong relationship with God. Getting your heart right will then get everything else in a right perspective.
Matters of the Heart is a seminar that will bring healing to your soul, which will indeed bring freedom to your life.
Renewed minds              Think differently      React with confidence     Released from fears
Relieved tensions           Better Attitudes       Love    Joy   Peace  Gentleness  Goodness   Meekness
 Faith               Temperance.
Life Changing, inner healing and strength. 
You will be set free from the past if you are open to the things that you will explore in these sessions.
Thursday Evening  June 27, 2024  7:30pm
Friday Evening  June 28, 2024  7:30pm
Saturday Morning June 29, 2024 10:30 am
Sunday Morning  June 30, 2024 11:00am