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Jul 30, 2020
Spiritual Seasons 3
  • Jul 30, 2020Spiritual Seasons 3
    Jul 30, 2020
    Spiritual Seasons 3
  • Jul 30, 2020TR20200702-193322
    Jul 30, 2020
  • Jul 30, 2020TR20190609-113507
    Jul 30, 2020
    "TR20190609-1  2 Corinthians 1:18
  • Apr 26, 2020Ready or Not Here I Come Ish. 53:1-5
    Apr 26, 2020
    Ready or Not Here I Come Ish. 53:1-5
    The Lord'S coming
  • Apr 12, 2020wounded but not Whupped
    Apr 12, 2020
    wounded but not Whupped
     Wounded but not Whupped".
  • Jun 2, 2019TR20190601-185954
    Jun 2, 2019
    Then God Said
  • May 31, 2019TR20190526-115633 Lessons from the life of Judas
    May 31, 2019
    TR20190526-115633 Lessons from the life of Judas
    Series: Intentional
    we can learn from those before us.  Lessons from the Life of Judas
  • May 31, 2019TR20190530-195218 Breaking Through The Gates
    May 31, 2019
    TR20190530-195218 Breaking Through The Gates
    Series: Tithing
    "Breaking Through the Gates
  • May 26, 2019TR20190602-114331 Then God Said
    May 26, 2019
    TR20190602-114331 Then God Said
    Series: Intentional
    Momma's Oil"TR20190602-114331".
  • May 16, 2019The Power of a Pouring Mother
    May 16, 2019
    The Power of a Pouring Mother
    Series: Tithing
    Mothers Have such an Important Role in the Legacy, Pour into your Children"TR20190512-114319".
Signs and Seeds of Promise, Aaron Peterson and Pastor D’Amico speak on
signs and seeds of Promise. (8/7/22)  Click the link below to view the service on youtube.
II Corinthians 5:7, Walking in faith and not by sight often means taking the nothings, the things we don’t have and don’t and accepting them as if they were. God took nothing but Faith and His spoken word and created..Click the link below to find out more. .
Together we are Over-comers
James 1: 1-12,  Together we are Over-comers, Danial Gums speaks on overcoming together by faith and how we as people of faith can make the difference through every temptation.
Matthew 4: 17-22- Sis Rebecca Routzahn Speaks from the scripture about what will your works say about You. Our lives paint a picture of what Really matters to us, the things we say, what we watch what we do all speak of our values and our hearts desires. Listen as she reflects this thought so that we can examine our lives in the light of scripture.
Philippians 3:7-1- Sister Alice Hawkins bring a message entitled Can you Press on When your Pressed on? this message investigates from scripture and past experiences, how our faith helps us press forward when we are going through trials.
Pastor D’Amico begins a new Series on the Phase Hot Mess, Listen as he speaks of how families can be a Hot mess. We can learn from the word of God that famlies have had troubles since the very beginning. He explores what scripture has to say and hoe Jesus handles these situations.
Missionary service with Sister Becerra from Belize, shares the wonderful love of Christ for all people with her testimonies and Scripture concerning Bringing them to Christ.
Is your schedule just way too full? Sometimes our schedules become such a Hot Mess, this message is the 2nd in the series of messages (Hot Mess) that examines how our lives sometimes can get out of control, which effects our families our attitudes and our Spiritual lives. watch and Listen as the Bible gives us guidance in this area of our lives.
Rev 13.. is the ultimate description of the end times and the Antichrist. Many are unaware of where we are, but Pastor D’Amico brings a timely message concern what we are seeing in our world today.
PART 2 the Rise and Fall of the Antichrist. I John 4:3 and John 1:12 are in contrast one to the other. I John speaks of the  spirit of Antichrist and John speaks of the name of Jesus. The days in which we are living are screaming at us, as we watch prophecy unfold. The things that we are seeing are nothing less then the fulfillment of prophecy and rise of the Antichrist, but in these prophesies there is also his fall. Part 2 of the End Time series by Pastor D’Amico
 Hebrews Chapter 11 speaks of the faith of those who went before us, and this displays the power of Faith. Evangelist Raymond McLean expounds on this principle of faith and the Lord confirms the word in demonstration of that faith.
Paul was a great example of how we can sustain our Christian Walk through troubles and trials. In this Message Pastor Steve brings these Secrets to Sustainability to light.
. 2 Corinthians 4:15-18
Hebrews 6:1-2 This Opening text speaks of moving into Maturity and past the beginnings onto perfection and growth to Next Level Experiences . Pastor Steve explores three portions of Scripture to bring us to a point of moving to the next Level.
Though there are many distractions during the Christmas Season Pastor Steve reminds us that Hope is offered to us through The birth of Christ.
Isaiah 9:2-7
Abundant Life’s Christmas Service 12/25/22 
Jesus at the Heart of Christmas, The true story of Christmas begins in a cradle but it ends at a cross. Pastor Steve bring a message of the Love of God this Christmas which is at it’s very heart. taken from the scripture  Matthew 1: 18-25
Christmas Program 12/1722 – Abundant Life bring the story of Christmas through song and scripture in a beautiful presentation. “The King is Born” followed by a short message by Pastor D’Amico
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23… There is nothing wrong with the seed and everyone is given the opportunity to receive the seed, but the soil is what makes all the difference in the seeds growth. Pastor D’Amico explains the different soils and its effects . what type of soil are
you ?
Dr Eugene Wilson …. Gen. 50: 20 “God Does Greater then What We Think” God answers prayers and performs great things within our life But God does greater then what we ask for or what we think.
Through out scripture we see this take place often, more then what we understand sometime, Watch and listen as Dr Wilson speaks to encourage your faith.. Click the link
Rooted  is a series about Growth, commitment and being able to also help others grow and plant 
seed , water and prune which are all necessary for health growth spiritually. watch as Pastor D’Amico brings these thoughts from a biblical perspective. Worship with us and feel the Spirit as
God instructs us. jut clink on thee link  and enjoy, Pruned but growing greater
NJ/ DE District 5th Sunday Rally Rev. Mike Black preaching a dynamic message
“ACT ACCORDINGLY ” a walk through the book of Acts which gives us examples of how we should act and believe. Matthew 16:18 AND  Acts 2:38
Praying Thru the Tabernacle Part 1
Enter into the presence of the Lord through prayer. God has provided a pattern from the tie of Moses and the Law given at Mt Sinai and the Pattern of the Tabernacle, It is here in this unique pattern that we see so many typologies. Here is a Pattern for prayer. Pastor D’Amico bring this pattern into this dynamic teaching for you , that you can enter into HIs presence.
The 4th Message in The Series Praying through the Tabernacle “The Brazen Laver” Pastor D’Amico
Speaks from Exodus 3o:17-21 The Laver represents the washing of the word into our lives to cleanse us, it prepares us to enter into the Holy Place.
The 3rd in a series of “Praying Through The Tabernacle” Pastor D’Amico expounds on the Altar of Repentance or The ” Brazen Altar” which was a place of sacrifice and death. To us it is the death of the carnal Nature and as we approach a Holy God we must first crucify our flesh. This should be apart of each of our prayer lives.
The 2nd in the series “Praying Through the Tabernacle” this lesson teaches us how to Approach God as we come through the gate into the court yard. Exodus 27:16. This is where we enter into the outer court, we enter into the gates with thanks giving and into His courts with praise. Here we are still in the natural but preparing to move forward into the Spiritual as we approach the Holy Place.
Lesson 5 in the series Praying through the Tabernacle, explains the Door into the Holy Place, the tent structure of the Tabernacle plan which is also a Pattern of prayer. Join us as Pastor D’Amico takes us through this Pattern.
Lesson 6 in the series Praying Through the tabernacle explains the significance of this piece of furniture that was inside the tent structure of the Tabernacle plan. Listen as Pastor Steve gives a
moving explanation on this portion of the Plan given to us and its rich meaning. Just click the link below.
 Enjoy our Celebration Service as we commemorate the triumphant entry of Christ the savior into Jerusalem as spoke about in scripture Matthew 21:1-11 and Psalms 118:21-22. Watch and Listen as Rev. Karen Caisey expounds on the word of God.
It’s Sunday the first day of the week, Friday was dark and Dreadful Saturday was hard to understand. There was emotion that flooded the minds and the hearts of so many that followed Him. It seemed as if it were all for nothing, but the thoughts of what was taught and the remembrance of the miracles were pressing their spirits.  Look The Tomb is open and empty and
he appeared unto them … VICTORY is here… He Is Risen!
Lesson 7 April 16, 2023, of The Series “Praying through the Tabernacle”, presented by Pastor Steve will enlighten you concern the power behind praying and the candlestick that was inside the Holy Place. This Candlestick is what separated the darkness. It is still working today through Christ Jesus the Light of the world.
Lesson 8  April 23, 2023 of the Series “Praying through the Tabernacle” the last lesson of the series.  Here we come to the last piece of furniture in the Holy Place, which stands before the Vail right in front of the Ark of the Covenant which was covered with the Mercy Seat. It is here that we are just one step from His Divine presence  the Glory of God. There is so much to learn so buckle in and enjoy  The Teaching of the Golden Altar of Incense.
iAdversity is something that is always present, It has bee around ever since the fall of humanity. Even though we might have come to find the truth, and obeyed the word of God unto salvation, we are not exempt fro adversity. Past D’Amico bring a word of encouragement to us as we look through the lens of those we read about in scripture. His Abiding Presence is always there. He is with us through the storms.
Web need to know the difference between Light and darkness , Pastor Steve bring us a topic that many are falling short of knowing. From Genesis 1:27 and Psalms 122: 1 we learn that God gave us freedom to to choose to live for Christ. We have our own wills and our own minds but have we been able to discern what is most important!
I Samuel 28 : 4-20 Its a sad state to see man desperate and without God. the loneliness, the dread , the heartbroken reality of being lost and defeated. Pastor D brings a message to our understanding about what happens when we get prideful and disobedient to the Lord.

Luke 24:47

47 And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.48 And ye are witnesses of these things.
49 And, behold , I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high. Pentecost was and is the fulfillment of God’s promise Listen as Bishop Royce Andrus Brings us the message of God’s Promise… PENTECOST 
There is something about a Fathers love that is expressed in the scripture in Luke 15: 11-20. this same Love is see in our savior Jesus Christ. Happy Fathers Day! Pastor Steve brings a Fathers Day message to each of us concerning Christs Love for us. 
Maximum Mercy and Gigantic Goodness is everything that God offers us, but we often look and the negative aspects of life and make them bigger then God’s Mercy and God’s Goodness. As an believer and follower of Christ we should change our view. God is a God of Maximum Mercy and Gigantic Goodness! Even in our biggest battle or our greatest crisis God is on our side offering His Maximum Mercy and His Gigantic Goodness. John 6:7-13 & Ps. 23: 5-6 Pastor Steve brings us a message of encouragement on God’s Maximum Mercy and His Gigantic goodness.
Everyone of us that are filled with the Spirit of God are filled with the Power of the Holy Ghost,
Acts 1:8 tells us so. Youth Pastor Sean Routzhan  brings us a fresh word concerning what we have  and it is available to everyone who turns to Christ for salvation. Listen as Bro. Routzhan speaks to us of the Contents under Pressure.
“Hello Can You see Me” a fresh word for those who have felt offended or have offended someone.
How should we as Christians react or what should we do or not do ?  the adversary loves to manipulate us through these times of discouragement and hurt, But we should be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Misunderstandings and presumption can lead us down dark paths
don’t fall into this trap. 
God doesn’t look at the outward when choosing those in whom He calls He looks much deeper, He looks at the heart. Pastor Steve brings us a timely message concerning each of us as we examine ourselves… lets join the service..
We are all called by God to salvation and service , but we must learn to hear and answer His call amidst the interference in our lives.
 Bro. Aaron Peterson shares His personal testimony and his experience on the journey of being raised in the church, the influences of those that spoke into his life, the let downs and the time of being backsliden, But God was gracious and He was able to turn things around and come back to the Lord. 
There are moments in life when God takes you to a Next Level experience. Whether in service or some other place, there are encounters with God that have the making of changing the rest of your life. You however must want to get there, often there is a deep yearning from deep inside that tugs on your heart. But because the flesh is at enmity with God we sometimes resist what it is that God is wanting to do.  


See yourself in the place of Ambassador to Jesus Christ. There is power in Jesus Christ and he has said that even greater works will we do, because he has made us Ambassadors to his Kingdom. Watch and listen as Rev. Daniel Gums brings us a powerful message of our right as Ambassadors. John 14: 12-13a.
SHUT UP                           or  OPENED UP 
Sept 17, 2023 Bradley & Patricia Gray MISSIONARIES to ZAMBIA. Sis Gray bring a message from Joshua 5:1 & 6 :1 “Shut Up or Opened Up”  Are we in the place that Christ wants us to be? Are we performing what we are commissioned to do? Or are we Shut up within…  Break down the walls that are keeping you bound.  
Recovery Series  Lesson 4, Coming Clean. Cleaning up the past isn’t easy, letting go of guilt gaining
a clear conscience , learning to Live guilt free and the way God wants us to Live. This lesson will give you a pathway to achieve exactly what you need as part of the process. 
 Recovery series Lesson 3, Letting go of the Past and the regrets is hard to do But Jesus Instructed us come unto Him and take His yoke upon us for it is easy. in this lesson you will be instructed just how this process works.
What we need is this world is for the Holy Ghost wind to blow through out every place it can. The wind is a type of the Holy Spirit, It is represented though out the word of God in many different aspects, but it is always active, It brings with it revelation inspiration and transformation. John 3: 5-8
God Truly Loves each of us, He loves you and will come to you in several ways to get your attention, Hosea 5:12 says he comes as a moth , but it progresses. Hosea 8 :1 says he comes as an Eagle and Hosea 5:14 says He comes as a Lion. the flutter of a moth the screech of an Eagle or a Roar of a lion. Listen and watch as Pastor Steve shows us His great love through these descriptions.
Many studies have been done concerning Prayer. When asked what was left to do as an original dissertation by a student at Princeton university in 1952 Dr. Einstein thought for a moment and then said “find out about Prayer.”  Prayer Works is a inspirational message that will both encourage and challenge you to PRAYER.
The Lord will always take care of His People even through circumstance that don’t seem to make sense. Rev. Caleb Ball brings a message of Hope and encouragement.
Words are powerful and the have life or death within them. One letter can change a word into something totally different. A word fittly spoken can bring Life and Hope.
Matthew 4:16 Gives us a glimpse of what the first Christmas was really like. It was a time of darkness, dome and ugliness that many sat in. But then the light came and pierced this darkness. Today many still sit in darkness but the light of Jesus Christ is available.
It’s More then a Christmas carol, it a revelation of the plan of God from the foundation of the world. Do You see What I See ? God Manifested in the flesh , a purpose and a hope. Join Us as we explore Matthew 2:1-10 and the meat of God’s Word.
Joel 2 : 28-29  was not only a prophecy but a promise. through out time God has been working
 and doing things so that you and I could not only have salvation, but that we could have so great a salvation. Do You Hear what I Hear is a message that will bless you and bring you into His presence,
Happiness by doing in this New Year. The Psalmist the writer of proverbs and even Jesus’ all spoke of what brings Happiness. In this sermon we will look at 4 things the child of God can do to ensure having a happier New Year. Psalms 146:5, Proverbs 3:13-18 & John 13:15-17
Get motivated to seek a new vision and a new interest in the things of God.Open yourself up to the reality that God desires more for you and from you.Isaiah 43: 18-19 
Jonah 3:1 In our scripture we read about Jonah the prophet who was commissioned to go to Nineveh and preach the message that God would give him. But Jonah didn’t feel that Nineveh was worthy of the salvation offered and fled… But God call him a 2nd time…. lets look at this as Evangelism in Motion.
Pride is a powerful force that shook the very elements of Heaven and all creation. I His infinite wisdom our Creator made a crucial choice when He created the earthly and Heavenly beings. He gave us the ability to choose, that freedom of choice is ours, but every choice has consequences. listen as Pastor Steve expounds on the power and consequences of choice.
In John’s gospel, Jesus made made seven declarations all beginning with the words “I AM” This is the same declaration made in the old Testament as well. these statements offer us a multi – faceted view of Jesus , and ways He impacts everyday life; our struggles, fears and questions , as well as our hopes and dreams.
John’s gospel is written to answer one question: Who is Jesus? He’s not so interested in the man , Jesus of Nazareth like the other three gospel writers as he is in the exalted Christ. Matthew , Mark Luke and John are introducing us to Jesus but John is showing us the Christ.
David was a man of like passions and emotions like us, and as David was in exile from Saul, he linked himself with the Philistines and was given a parcel of land Ziglag. It was here that David along with a troop of disgruntled men had lived with there families but while these men and David were away an enemy came and destroyed there village and captured their families. David was distraught and after a time of weeping he asked for the Ephod. David now was going to prayer to get the answer (Should I” Pursue”?) Lets listen as we are led of the Lord in tonight’s service. 
Often time when thing are troubling or when disease comes we look for there to be a reason such as sin in there or their family’s life, but that’s not the case. God wants to receive Glory. If there was no sickness or there were no battles God could receive no Glory in the victories or the Miracles. Listen as we explore the topic” For The Glory of God”
The Celebration of Jesus entrance was a short live celebration they sang Blessed is he that cometh in the Name of the Lord. But in just a few hours He would be crucified. Mark 11: 7-9 describes this celebration. We can celebrate His entrance into us but we need to understand that it can be short lived because of the Spiritual battles and our flesh.
The story of the cross is so Powerful, The Death, Burial and the Resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ is still working today. It didn’t end at Calvary, it didn’t end at the Tomb and it certainly didn’t end at the resurrection. Watch and Listen as These events and more are portrayed in song, video and the Message. Luke 24:44-49.
Matthew 13 is chock-full of parables concerning the harvest. our opening scripture Matthew 13:30 declares the adversaries plan to pollute the fields with tares. Those that look like wheat and have features of wheat but there is no substance to their existence. Jesus starts several parables with “Again” signifying the importance. We must therefore take heed….
Some did not share their faith and belief in Christ openly, but after His death they showed the Ministry of Love perfectly. They cared for the body of Jesus and gave Him a proper burial. Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus both are explored along with our own Ministries of Love. John 19:38
God Always keeps His word, He cannot lie and His Promise to you, is also your Power and Your Victory. We must de-clutter and turn off the the noise and distractions so we can Hear His Voice. Through the power of the Holy Ghost (His Promise) will give you Power and Victory in all things.
Sis. Alice Hawkins brings a urgent message concerning our Lord’s return and the importance of not missing His soon return and our redemption.
God’s blessing often time must be retrieved. Therefore we must walk in His light as he leads us to those blessings. We often want God at our house but are we willing to Go to His? 1st Lady D’Amico brings a message to challenge each of us this Mothers day.
Children’s Ministry sponsored by our Children’s Director Bro. Steve Cannon, with evangelist Ethan Tucker and our District Director Bro Mike Snelson of NJ / DE District. What a Tremendous Service 10 children filled with the Holy Ghost! Powerful and so enjoyable watch and be touched by the Lord.
If we are who Jesus said we are and have all that he promised us we do not have to fear this world, but we bring with us the Power to violate the territory of our adversary. NAM church Planter Don Willis from NY Metro preaching a tremendous message. Listen as he brings a powerful message of our authority.